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Create better tours faster

Now you can use our AI to generate text, audio and translations – without sacrificing on quality.

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Generate text for your stories

Add your background info and direction of the story. Our AI will worry about commas and do the actual writing.

Our AI trained on best-practices for location-based storytelling – something it has learned from our top performing tours around the world. Edit the generated text directly in StoryHunt Creator and move on to the next story.

Works with all languages.

Translate to all languages

Once you've generated your stories, you can translate them to all relevant languages with one click.

We support all major languages via our custom-built version of OpenAI's technology, specialised in audio walks.

Now you don't have to learn Chinese.

Generate speak

Before you had to hire actors for each language. 

Actors are expensive and even the best ones will make mistakes meaning you will have to post-edit the audio.

Now you can generate speak in all major languages with one click. It's so good that you can't tell the difference from a real human.

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