StoryHunt Founder Team in 2018

The story behind StoryHunt

We started StoryHunt in 2018 because we love to travel and learn about new places through great stories.

With StoryHunt we want to make that experience both fun and easy.

Explore the world on your own terms

My name is Mathias and I'm the CEO of StoryHunt. On this page, I want to share our story.

In 2018 I met Louis and Yassin at the IT University of Copenhagen where we studieed.

We all loved to travel and learn about the unique stories that hid all around us. However, none of us liked to go on a traditional guided tour. Instead, we wanted to explore the city on our own terms and take breaks and detours as we wished.

Therefore we decided to create a product that we wanted to use ourselves. A product that would peel the layers off our surroundings and expose the hidden stories – all on our own terms.  

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People StoryHunt with headphones on bridge among trees
People StoryHunt with headphones under tree

Engage in history

History is all around us but it's often difficult to see. With StoryHunt we want to make the history available and engaging 🤯

Our aim is to convey history in a way where it's not about remembering names, dates or facts. We want the stories to be about people and relate to things you can see.

Who are our ancestors? What were their dreams and desires? Why did they build the world like they did? These are the questions we want to answer with StoryHunt.

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A community of storytellers

We know that we can't tell all the stories on our own. That's why we decided to build the technology to allow everyone to do so.

We partner with destinations, local tour guides, tour operators and attractions to deliver stories that will move people. 

Do you have a story to tell? Then we would love to hear from you ❤️

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People StoryHunt with headphones in city

The people behind

Mathias Mølgaard StoryHunt Founder

Mathias Mølgaard

Loves storytelling, great user experiences and grand visions.

Louis Amhild

Louis Amhild

Loves systems, things that are logic and building stuff.

Yassin Achiban

Yassin Achiban

Loves talking to people and having an impact on the world.

Want to join us?

Are you looking for an exiting job in a travel tech start-up? We are always looking for skilled people who will share our vision of building something great.

You can always find our open positions at TheHub. If we havn't yet posted your dream job, then feel free to send us an unsolicited application 🤩

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