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Attract more visitors by offering guided tours in all languages. Sell more with package deals. Distribute tickets through our partners.

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Get a guide that is available 24/7 in all languages

Combine your tours with food, admissions and more

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Offer guided tours in all languages

With StoryHunt Creator you can create a digital version of your guided tours that are available 24/7 in all languages. As an attraction partner you can:

  • Give visitors a better experience: People prefer to be guided in their own language – make sure they get the most out of their stay.
  • Tell your story: With StoryHunt you can make a visit to your attraction memorable by sharing what is unique about you.
  • Save time on managing bookings: Offer guides that can be experienced without managing availability.
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Offer package deals that combine food, admissions and more

We have created a robust system that easily allows you to create package deals that include:

  • Admission tickets: We integrate with your ticketing system so visitors can get access directly through our app.
  • Food and drinks: Upsell by including food and drinks to your packages.
  • Partners: Add services or products from your partners – we handle payments between partners automatically.
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Sell tickets through our distribution network

We sell tickets to your guided tours and package deals through our partner network which includes:

  • OTA's and DMC's: We work with both large partners such as GetYourGuide and local DCM's to promote your product.
  • The StoryHunt app and website: We have thousands of people StoryHunting each day and will put your tours in our portfolio.
  • Your attraction: Last but not least, you can distribute the tours yourself.
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The Tivoli case

Lars Adler Petersen

“We use StoryHunt to offer guided tours in Tivoli that are always available. We've created package deals to increase revenue and guest satisfaction.”

– Lars Adler Petersen, Director of B2B Sales, Tivoli

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What you can do ...

Tell your story with all media

Create tours that combine text, video, images and sound to deliver the best experience.

Engage with quizzes

Add quizzes to your tours to give your audience a fun and social experience.

Distribute through our partners

Distribute your tours through our partner network to reach thousands of travellers.

Learn with live statistics

Understand your audience's behaviour to deliver the best experiences.

Add food, drinks and admissions

Combine your tours with physical products – we'll handle payments between partners.

Get paid each month

We handle the payments so you can easily earn money from your tours and package deals.

Generate stories with AI

Add background info and let our AI do the actual writing.

Automatic translations with AI

Translate tours to all relevant languages with one click.

Generate speak using AI

Generate human-sounding speak in all major languages.