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The modern traveller wants to explore at their own pace. Reach them by offering self-guided tours with StoryHunt.

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Destinations and DMO's

Give your guests better experiences and get data insights to improve your destination.

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Tour operators and DMC's

Improve your operations with a tour guide that speaks all languages and is available 24/7.

Improve your operations

Attractions and museums

Attract more visitors by offering guided tours and package deals in all languages.

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Local tour guides

Tell your stories and get paid each month. We translate your tours so you can reach a global audience.

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We work with destinations, attractions, tour operators and local guides to deliver great products for thousands of travellers each year.

Made with ❤️ in StoryHunt Creator

StoryHunt Creator with tours view.

We've made it simple to create self-guided audio tours. With StoryHunt Creator you can: 

  • Create self-guided tours easier than ever
  • Translate the tours to multiple languages with AI – also includes speak
  • Sell tours that can include food, drinks, admissions and more
StoryHunt Creator

AI-powered content creation

Script creation

Let our AI help with text generation. It's trained on best-practices within location-based storytelling.

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Our AI provides best-in-class translations to all languages. It's as simple as clicking a button.

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Speak like never before

We can now generate speak that sounds like a real human in all major languages.

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Tell your story with all media

Create tours that combine text, video, images and sound to deliver the best experience.

Engage with quizzes

Add quizzes to your tours to give your audience a fun and social experience.

Distribute through our partners

Distribute your tours through our partner network to reach thousands of travellers.

Learn with live statistics

Understand your audience's behaviour to deliver the best experiences.

Add food, drinks and admissions

Combine your tours with physical products – we'll handle payments between partners.

Get paid each month

We handle the payments so you can easily earn money from your tours and package deals.

Generate stories with AI

Add background info and let our AI do the actual writing.

Automatic translations with AI

Translate tours to all relevant languages with one click.

Generate speak using AI

Generate human-sounding speak in all major languages.