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Use self-guided tours to streamline operations

No more booking chaos.
Provide your customers with self-guided tours and improve your margins.

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Get a guide who speaks all languages and is available 24/7

Save time on managing bookings – easily distribute tickets via our DMC dashboard

Improve your margins by selling our existing tours – or create your own

Give customers a guide on their terms

StoryHunt is an app loved by the modern traveler. We provide self-guided audio tours created by local experts.

Together with us, local tour guides have digitised their tours to give the travellers a guide that speaks their language and is available 24/7.

It's cheaper for you and easier for your customer.

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Save time on managing bookings

We know it's difficult to find the a guide who speaks the appropriate language and that it takes a lot of time to manage bookings.

By using the StoryHunt DMC dashboard you can easily:

  • Find a StoryHunt: easily find one that fits your guests based on location, interests and langauge
  • Book the tour: you make one booking per group of guests – from FIT’s to large groups.
  • Send a link to the guest: The same booking link works for the entire group which makes it easy to get started.
Save time

Sell tours to improve your margins

Each time you sell a StoryHunt you earn a commission. No need to find tour guides or manage calendars.

Plus, StoryHunt is cheaper than traditional tour guides, allowing you to improve your margins while keeping customers happy.

Can we make our own tours?
Yes! You can sell our existing tours or create tours tours that fit your niche or special delegations. This can be done via StoryHunt Creator which is both fun and easy to use.

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