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Guide travellers to better experiences, distribute them more effectively and measure the real effect of initiatives.

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Distribute visitors more effectively with self-guided tours

Throw away the printed maps and get data on how visitors move around

Give visitors a better experience

StoryHunt is an app built with the modern traveller ind mind. In 2023 we had more than 100.000 people using StoryHunt in Copenhagen alone.

Many destinations try to build their own app but it's hard to get visitors to download it. Therefore StoryHunt is available both as a native app for iOS and Android and directly in the browser – so user don't have to download.

By providing your visitors with a modern experience tailored to their needs you increase the chance of referrals and return visits.

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People StoryHunt with headphones in city
People StoryHunt with headphones on bridge among trees

Distribute visitors more effectively

We provide a system for self-guided audio tours that allows you to nudge visitors to certain areas of your destination.

This way you can give them the right experience, avoid congestion and distribute travel spendings more effectively.

Since 2018 we have helped Copenhagen Municipality distribute visitors more effectively and fight over-tourism. Learn more about the Copenhagen Local Walks initiative.

The tours encourage traveller to visit more neighbourhoods which in turn is correlated with a higher degree of visitor satisfaction (Wonderful Copenhagen, 2022).

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Measure how visitors move around

Throw away the printed maps and get data insights on how guests move around. That's better for both the visitors and the environment.

StoryHunt provides statistics that show you how visitors move around and engage with the city. All data is 100 % anonymous for the sake of the travellers and your GDPR department.

Now you can learn about visitor behaviours and preferences so you can improve their experience and attract more guests.

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See Copenhagen Case

Michael Ryan Andersen

“We use StoryHunt for our digital guest solutions because we get operational reliability and a product that matches the needs of our guests.”

– Michael Ryan Andersen, Head of Internationalization, Copenhagen Municipality

How do you create tours?

Sign up to StoryHunt Creator

When creating a tour, you can choose between two types: Routes and Collections.

A Route is number of stories along a predefined route. A Collection is a bunch stories that the user can take in any order they like.

Add stories to the map

Add stories to your tour by clicking on the map or using the built-in search.  

When working with Routes we'll automatically suggest a route between the stories. See how in our Creators section.

Write your script

When creating your script, try to develop a narrative along the way. Remember to guide the listener's gaze so they can learn about their surroundings.

Stuck along the way? Let our AI help out with the script.

Test your tour

Great tours can’t be done entirely from home. Go for a trial run or two to refine your script.

You can use our AI to speak the tour for testing so it won't take too much of your time.

Speak the tour

If you have a good voice you can choose to record your audio yourself.

If you don't have the time or wish a different voice for your tour, you can use our AI to do the speak.

Publish and start selling

Once you're done, add a cover photo, a description that sells your tour, and select your price.

The tour goes on the tours section and the fun part begins; promotion.

StoryHunt Creator with new tour view.

Create your first tour with StoryHunt Creator.
It's free, fun and easy to use.

About StoryHunt Creator

What you can do ...

Tell your story with all media

Create tours that combine text, video, images and sound to deliver the best experience.

Engage with quizzes

Add quizzes to your tours to give your audience a fun and social experience.

Distribute through our partners

Distribute your tours through our partner network to reach thousands of travellers.

Learn with live statistics

Understand your audience's behaviour to deliver the best experiences.

Add food, drinks and admissions

Combine your tours with physical products – we'll handle payments between partners.

Get paid each month

We handle the payments so you can easily earn money from your tours and package deals.

Generate stories with AI

Add background info and let our AI do the actual writing.

Automatic translations with AI

Translate tours to all relevant languages with one click.

Generate speak using AI

Generate human-sounding speak in all major languages.