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Welcome to Hillerød, a picturesque city brimming with rich history and captivating Danish culture. Embark on a StoryHunt self-guided tour and immerse yourself in the fascinating legacy of Countess Danner, a child from humble beginnings who achieved great things.

Hillerød's crown jewels include the majestic Frederiksborg Castle, a testimony to the city's regal past. Gasp in its architectural splendor as you explore the mysterious Gribskov forest and stroll through the beautiful Baroque Garden. Venture into history with the UNESCO-listed Parforce, a hunting landscape established by the kings of Denmark.

Unravel the gripping tales that lie within the city streets, and uncover the secret stories that have shaped Denmark's royal lineage. Let your ears indulge in the mesmerizing lore as you listen to remarkable tales that have long adorned the city.

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