Go on a StoryHunt in Leiden

Discover the enchanting city of Leiden, a treasure trove of rich history and cultural gems nestled between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Renowned for its picturesque canals, age-old buildings, and charming bridges, this vibrant university town is the birthplace of famous painters and holds more than a few secrets within its winding lanes. With StoryHunt's audio walks, you'll be swept away by the sights including majestic De Valk, the iconic windmill, and hidden pathways leading to secret courtyards.

Leiden's major attractions beckon every traveler, with must-visit spots like the historic Church of St. Peters, the mesmerizing Botanical Garden. Delve deeper into the fascinating tales of Leiden and marvel at the beauty of its intricate network of bridges, connecting the past and present.

But why limit yourself to what meets the eye? Go beyond the obvious with a StoryHunt adventure, unearthing the lesser-known stories and hidden histories behind every corner.

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