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Welcome to Odense, a true fairytale city with rich history and vibrant culture at every corner. Step into the enchanting world of H.C. Andersen, where stories come to life amidst charming streets and viking strongholds.

Embark on a self-guided tour to embrace Odense's legendary allure. Visit Nonnebakken, the remnants of a viking fortress, teeming with ancient secrets waiting to be unearthed. Explore the H.C. Andersen museum, which whisks you away to the fantastical realm of the famed author's mind and his cherished tales.

StoryHunt takes your odyssey further, unraveling the mysterious threads woven into the city's fabric. Go at your own pace, as the app unveils hidden stories and intriguing legends you never knew existed. Trivia quizzes make history engagingly fun, while immersing you in Odense's charm. So, let the StoryHunt journey unfold and discover the spellbinding wonders awaiting in the heart of the city.

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