Go on a StoryHunt in Girona

Discover the historical charm and beautiful architecture of Girona with StoryHunt, your key to unlocking a vibrant city bursting with culture. Explore the bustling old town, marvel at the Girona Medieval Walls, and immerse yourself in centuries of art and history.

Embark on an audio walk to must-see attractions, including the majestic Girona Cathedral, the serene Arab Baths, and thrilling Game of Thrones filming locations. Unearth the secrets that lie hidden within each landmark as you journey through the cobbled streets.

But wait, there's more! StoryHunt lets you uncover hidden stories tucked away from the usual tourist trail. Dive into Girona's past with intriguing tales waiting just for you. Experience the enchanting side of the city as you compete in quizzes and share your discoveries with fellow adventurers. Indulge in Girona's mysteries and let the StoryHunt begin!

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