Go on a StoryHunt in Malaga

Welcome to the storied and sun-kissed Malaga, nestled along the sparkling Costa del Sol.

Malaga is a city where history and modernity blend seamlessly, but its journey here was not a straight path. With StoryHunt you can delve into Malaga's transformation from the ancient stomping grounds of Phoenicians to a Roman hub of culture, all the way to its Renaissance flowering and the modern era that buzzes with Picasso’s artistic legacy.

On the Discover Malaga tour, you'll traverse the same squares that bore witness to the bustling trade of ancient civilizations, stand before architectural marvels that span centuries, and uncover the city’s rich layers of history. As you explore, modern Malaga will unfold before you—a city proud of its past yet pulsing with contemporary life and creativity.

We'll give you the keys to unlock the tales of Malaga's past while engaging with its vibrant present – all at your pace and when you want.

So, are you ready to step into the mosaic of Malaga's history?

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