Combine Your Tour with Physical Products

Combine Your Tour with Physical Products

Mathias Mølgaard
Mathias Mølgaard
December 11, 2023

By combining your tour with physical products such as entrance tickets or food and beverages, you can provide your audience with a fully-fledged experience. By including local cultural institutions or cafes and restaurants, you also gain valuable local partners who can help you with marketing. In this article, you can read about how you can integrate local partners as part of your tour.

Step 1: Find the Right Partner

The first step is to find a local partner that you want to make a deal with. In the selection process, you can emphasize:

  • Does the partner fit your narrative? It makes a lot of sense if you can find a partner who offers something that fits your narrative. For example, if your tour is about beer, you could offer a beer along the way. If it's about World War II, there might be a museum that deepens this part of the story.
  • Is the partner well-located on your route? For longer routes, it may make sense to offer lunch or a coffee halfway through. You could also offer a museum visit at the end or a coffee in a place with a good view.
  • Do the partner's products fit your tour in terms of price? If you're catering to school classes, a dinner at Noma probably doesn't make sense. Think about how much your audience is willing to pay and find a partner whose prices match this.

Step 2: Make the Agreement

Once you have found the right partner, you need to make an agreement on what you want to offer together. In practice, the agreement is made between StoryHunt and the partner. When making the agreement with the local partner, you need to ensure:

  • What products the partner will deliver to your guests. It's important that they always have the products in stock. If you, for example, make a deal with a restaurant, it's important that they can offer the same menu all year round (unless the product can be packaged as varying – like a dish of the week or similar).
  • A fixed price for product delivery. You can often get a discount of 10 - 20% when you bring customers their way, but it's not a rule. The price you agree with the partner is the price the partner gets paid each time they deliver a product.

Step 3: Enter Into a Contract

To avoid misunderstandings, a contract should be made between the partner and StoryHunt. This secures both parties. You should make the partner aware of the following:

  • It is the local partner's responsibility to be able to deliver agreed products to guests within their normal opening hours.
  • The local partner must create a Partner Profile through StoryHunt's platform, which enables them to receive payments from StoryHunt.
  • Payments to the local partner are made on the first business day of the following month to their bank account. It can take up to eight business days before the transfer is in their account.
  • The agreement can be terminated in writing by StoryHunt and the local partner with three months' notice.

When you have made the agreement and are ready to enter into a contract, please contact us with the following information:

  1. Partner's contact e-mail
  2. Partner's name
  3. Partner's phone number
  4. Partner's company name