The Good Quiz

The Good Quiz

Mathias Mølgaard
Mathias Mølgaard
December 11, 2023

Quizzes encourage interaction and are beloved by users. In this article, you will learn how to create a good quiz with StoryHunt. Quizzes are suitable for all types of tours – learn more about the different types of tours.

What is a Quiz?

A quiz consists of one question and two to five answer options. There should be at least one correct answer, but there can be more. When the user answers a question correctly, they earn points. If multiple users are in a group together, they can see who is leading. In this way, quizzes contribute to making the experience more social.

What Can You Ask About?

Quiz Time

You can essentially ask about anything – it's only your imagination that sets the limits. We have had good experiences with the following types:

Did You Pay Attention?

A fun way to engage your users is by asking questions about something you previously told them. For example, in your story, you might mention a person, a date, or something else. In the quiz, you can then ask the user a question about this to test their listening skills.

Can You Find It?

Another type of quiz is to give the user a task where they have to hunt in their surroundings. It could be finding a date on a statue or counting the windows in a building. This type of quiz is great for children and can be a good way to use the surroundings.

Do You Know It?

It's also possible to test your users' general knowledge; can they remember who built the Round Tower or when the Danish constitution was introduced? This type of quiz should be adapted to your target audience, so it's not too easy or too hard. There is a big difference between children and adults, as well as Danes and visitors. This means it's a good idea to test the difficulty level before publishing your tour.

The above examples are just meant as inspiration – you can mix them as you like and come up with your very own.

Storytelling is Key

Although quizzes are fun and engaging, you cannot avoid having to create a good narrative that is captivating and relevant. Learn more about good storytelling.