Amalienborg Palace | A Royal Palace In Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace | A Royal Palace In Copenhagen

Rebecca Aller
Rebecca Aller
February 8, 2024
Daniel Rasmussen, Visit Copenhagen.

The Royal Palace, Amalienborg, is home to the Royal Danish Family and located in the heart of Copenhagen. Every day at 12pm, you can watch the changing of the guards. Find opening hours and address below. Amalienborg is one out of 8 royal palaces and castles in Copenhagen.

Amalienborg is a true gem of Copenhagen, offering visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Danish Royal Family. It is one of the most popular turist attractions in Copenhagen and I am about to tell you why.

Amalienborg Palace'
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Changing of the Royal Guard

Here's a local tip: Don’t miss the Changing of The Royal Guard. Every day at noon, you can catch the changing of the guards. They march all the way from their barracks by Rosenborg Castle, through the charming streets of Copenhagen to reach Amalienborg, and the whole scene is often accompanied by delightful music. It's a must-see experience that adds a touch of regal charm to your visit!

In snowstorms and in heatwaves the Royal Life Guards are always at Amalienborg, keeping an eye on the Royal Family. They started back in 1658 and have been based at Rosenborg since 1785. Every day, they march from Rosenborg to Amalienborg for the noon guard change, strutting through the city, sometimes with a band, and drawing crowds. It's like a scene from a fairy tale. Their cool uniforms, including the bearskin hats and iconic blue trousers (around since 1822), have a 300-year history.

Catching the guard change is a great add-on to visiting the museum at Amalienborg, where you learn about the Royal Family's life. But get there early – it's a popular show, and you won't be the only one after a slice of history in Amalienborg Palace Square.

Royal Palace Royal Guard
Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard, Visit Copenhagen

History of the Royal Palace, Amalienborg

The Royal Palace, Amalienborg, standing tall since the 18th century, was the vision of King Frederik V during his reign. Imagine this – he aimed to outshine every royal residence in Europe! To make his dream a reality, he enlisted the expertise of the renowned architect Nicolai Eigtved. Though Eigtved didn't get to see the masterpiece finished, other architects picked up the baton.

Royal Palace, Amalienborg

Now, the four palaces forming this complex showcase the elegance of Rococo architecture, each with its unique flair.

Connected by a charming courtyard, each royal palace treats you to a balcony view of the scenic harbor. Adorned with sculptures, carvings, and ornamental designs, the facades are a sight to behold.

Fun fact: These royal palaces are named after each of King Frederik V's sons – Christian VII, Christian VIII, Christian IX, and Frederik VIII. Originally, they were intended as homes for noble families, but destiny had a different plan. After a fire at Christiansborg in 1794, Amalienborg became the royal residence. And guess what? The Danish Royal Family still calls these mansions home today.

Lunch at Nyhavn?

Amalienborg Palace is situated near the iconic colorful buildings of Nyhavn. Nyhavn, with its vibrant facades, is one of Copenhagen’s most emblematic attractions. A trip to Amalienborg can therefor easily be paired with lunch at one of Nyhavn's charming restaurants, offering beautiful canal views!

Fun fact: The renowned Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen once resided at No. 20

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Tips for Visiting Amalienborg Palace

Visiting Amalienborg is a great way to explore the beauty of Copenhagen and learn about the history of the city.

  • Plan ahead and make sure to book tickets for the guided tours in advance.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as the palace complex is quite large.
  • Take a break in Amalienhaven, situated on the harbor side of Amalienborg and enjoy a beautiful ocean view.
  • Be sure to explore the other castles in Copenhagen, such as Kronborg, Rosenborg, Christiansborg, and Frederiksborg.

Opening hours and directions

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