Mathias Mølgaard
Mathias Mølgaard
July 10, 2024

Welcome, adventurous hearts! If you've set your compass towards the food of Copenhagen in your journey of exploration, you're in the right place. This time around, we're deviating from the usual list of Copenhagen attractions and diving headfirst into the cultural abundance of Torvehallerne. So, let's get started: what is your 'must see Copenhagen' list missing if it doesn't include Torvehallerne?

What is the story behind Torvehallerne?

Our journey unravels a tale filled with flavour and tradition. Torvehallerne, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is not just a simple food market or an addition to your ‘what to do in Copenhagen’ plan. This place embodies the essence of Danish craftsmanship and its deep-rooted love for fresh produce. The street market was born from a vision: to create a vibrant space where quality and flavour reign supreme, focussing on the fresh ingredients that Denmark offers.

The site used to house Halls 1 and 2 of the Nørreport Station until 1958, when they were demolished. For years, it remained a vacant lot until two visionary entrepreneurs, in a joint effort with the Municipality of Copenhagen, gave the place a new meaning of existence in 2011. Today, Torvehallerne hosts more than 60 stands each boasting their own specialities, from gourmet chocolate and spices to fresh fish and meat.

Is Torvehallerne free?

Yes, absolutely! Exploring Torvehallerne is free and open all year round. The opening hours are generous enough to accommodate even the most impromptu of plans. So, whether you wish to wander through the rows of local delicacies or just sit back and enjoy the bustling atmosphere with a cup of coffee from The Coffee Collective, Torvehallerne will definitely not disappoint.

Is Torvehallerne worth visiting?

Being a place that breathes the life of Copenhagen's culture, Torvehallerne is definitely worth a visit, even if just to bask in the vibrant atmosphere of hungry explorers like you. This place offers a cornucopia of tastes, smells and sights that trigger every sense.

If you're a fan of fresh food, authentic Danish goods and a lively atmosphere, then considering Torvehallerne as a top sight in Copenhagen is a no-brainer. Whether you're looking to taste the best smørrebrød, the classic Danish open-faced sandwich, or just wanting to hone your barista skills at one of the best coffee shops in town, Torvehallerne has got you covered.

What food can you get at Torvehallerne?

Torvehallerne prides itself in its rich display of food stalls. Picture yourself meandering through a sea of olives, cheeses, fresh fruits, Danish classics, and handcrafted liquorice; it's a food paradise like no other! Don't shy away from trying a piece of the best brownie at Laura's Bakery or indulge in a Danish delicacy – ‘flæskestegssandwich’ at Slagter Lunds.

From more classic smørrebrød at Selma to fresh seafood at Fiskerikajen and a wide array of teas at Sing Tehus, there's something for every palate! Every corner of Torvehallerne creeps into the realm of a food blogger's dreamland.

Now that we’ve set off your tingling taste buds and ignited your curiosity, we'd encourage you to kick-start your Copenhagen adventure at Torvehallerne and sample the true flavours of Denmark. Don't forget to capture these picture-perfect culinary masterpieces before you devour them!

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Discover Copenhagen

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Discover Copenhagen

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Stroll through the center of lovely Copenhagen and discover its greatest sights.


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