Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle

Rebecca Aller
Rebecca Aller
May 29, 2024
Martin Auchenberg, Visit Copenhagen. Royal Palace

Rosenborg Castle is a treasury of royal art and the nation's renowned Crown Jewels. Located in the city center of Copenhagen, just a walk from Nørrebro Station. So, if you're asking yourself 'What to do in Copenhagen,' we definitely recommend you visit Rosenborg Castle. We will tell you why Rosenborg Castle is worth to visit in this guide to one of Copenhagen's top sights and must-see attractions.

What is the story behind Rosenborg Castle?

Royal Castle, Rosenborg
Daniel Rasmussen, Visit Copenhagen

Located right in the heart of Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle is a majestic Renaissance gem built in 1606. Rosenborg is one of 8 Royal Castles and Palaces in Copenhagen. Originally designed as a country summerhouse by Scandinavian king Christian IV, it evolved into an extravagant royal residence. Christian IV loved being in residence at Rosenborg and it quickly became his favourite castle and venue for many important events.

Today, it's not just a castle; it's a museum waiting to be explored. Inside, discover well-preserved furniture, art, and, hidden beneath its grand facade, the priceless crown jewels.

King's Garden
Daniel Rasmussen, Visit Copenhagen
Embrace the local lifestyle: When visiting Rosenborg, take the opportunity to stroll through the beautiful King's Garden. Find a bench and enjoy a break. Perhaps you've even considered bringing something sweet for the break? On sunny days, you'll come across numerous locals enjoying picnics in the garden

Find the famous crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Crown Jewels
Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard, Visit Copenhagen

One of the most fascinating facts about Rosenborg Castle is that it houses the Danish Crown Jewels, a collection of insignias used by Danish monarchs. The crown jewels, an ensemble of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, are kept in the treasury beneath Rosenborg Castle. The four sets of these 'jewel-encrusted wonders' - as I love to call them, symbolising the monarchy’s divine power, find their rightful place beneath this edifice of grandiosity. It's also known for its Knight's Hall, displaying the coronation thrones guarded by three life-size silver lions. What's more, it also boasts the world's first 'surround-sound' speaker system.

Is it worth going to Rosenborg Castle?

Absolutely! Rosenborg Palace is one of the most well preserved Renaissance castles in the world. Some of the rooms in the castle are almost completely as they were when the castle was built in the early 1600's. It contains many treasures and the impressive crown jewels of Denmark are on display in the basement. Even if you're short on time and can't explore the castle's interior, admiring it from the outside is equally rewarding. Take in the stunning architecture and soak up the serene beauty of The King's Garden.

Continue exploring royal Denmark

If you're looking to explore royal castles outside of Copenhagen, these incredible castles can be found within an hour's journey from the capital:

  • Fredensborg Palace: Known as the Royal Family's spring and autumn residence. The palace's Baroque garden is a masterpiece of symmetry and precision, perfect for a peaceful walk.
  • Kronborg Castle: Famous worldwide as the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet. This UNESCO World Heritage site offers impressive Renaissance architecture and dramatic stories from Denmark's past.
  • Frederiksborg Castle: This castle is a picturesque representation of Danish Renaissance architecture and houses The Museum of National History, which tells the story of Denmark through a rich collection of art.
  • The Hermitage Palace: Located in Dyrehaven, a large park with wild deer, the palace was used for royal hunting parties. It is known for its unique architecture and beautiful views of the surroundings.

Each of these castles offers a unique insight into Denmark's royal history and culture, each with its own charm and beauty.

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