The Hermitage | UNESCO-listed landscape

The Hermitage | UNESCO-listed landscape

Rebecca Aller
Rebecca Aller
February 8, 2024
The Hermitage royal palace

On top of a hill with a breathtaking view of the Øresund, you will find the King's Hunting Lodge nestled in a UNESCO-listed hunting landscape at Dyrehaven. The Hermitage offers you a glimpse into the royal hunting traditions and architectural splendor of the 18th century. But above all, it offers you a fairy-tale-like landscape!

In and around Copenhagen you can discover many other Grand Royal Castles and Palaces.

A Royal Day-Trip Close To Copenhagen

Just a short train ride from Copenhagen takes you to this serene escape, where the lodge serves as a centerpiece of royal history and architectural beauty. Deer roam calmly across vast open landscapes in large herds, amidst the enormous and ancient trees of Dyrehaven. It is both magical and peaceful to wander through this incredibly beautiful nature, almost hard to believe that Dyrehaven in jaegersborg is just a 30-minute train ride from Copenhagen.

Note: From Klampenborg Station it is a beautiful 30-40 minute walk to the The Hermitage, as it lies in the middle of Dyrehaven. It is possible to rent bikes or hire a horse drawn carriage ride to the castle.  
Jason Charles Hill, Visit Copenhagen

History of the Royal Hunting Lodge

Constructed in 1736, The Hermitage served as a secluded getaway for the king to unwind after hunts and host lavish feasts for distinguished guests. It was designed as a leisure palace far from the court's formalities, offering a private setting for hunting lunches amidst the Danish king's parforce hunting landscape, now recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Hermitage Palace
Shivya Nath, Visit Copenhagen

A Funny Story - The Hermitage's Famous Table

The Hermitage was renowned for its innovative dining table, which, with a single signal, could be hoisted from the basement, allowing the king and his guests to dine in solitude, free from the watchful eyes and ears of servants. This unique feature exemplified the lodge's blend of luxury and privacy, although the mechanism was removed in the late 18th century due to maintenance issues.

A UNESCO-listed Landscape

Dyrehaven, The Deer Park, is a large nature park filled with forests, small lakes, and open plains. As the name might suggest, Dyrehaven is known for its more than 2000 wild deer, and you will most likely encounter a herd of grazing animals there.

The Deer Park is used extensively by Copenhageners and local residents. People use the park for walking, running and cycling. It is popular to take your picnic basket and a blanket with you, where you can enjoy the day with games in the forrest. The Deer Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Parforce hunting festival in the area, which was once used as a hunting ground by the royals.

Local tip:  Feel free to bring your own snacks and find a cozy spot on a bench or a tree stump for a picnic in The Deer Park. You can also find a restaurant, Peter Liep's House, right by the beech woods. It's got over a hundred years of history serving food and offers a beautiful place to grab a bite in the middle of all that greenery.

the Hermitage
Daniel Rasmussen, Visit Copenhagen

Bakken - the word oldest amusement park located in the woods

Families with children should not miss Bakken. An amusement park for the whole family. Located in the woods of Dyrehaven, Bakken is a unique amusement park that offers a historic and nostalgic venue combined with modern and fun amusements and thrill rides. As the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken isn't just for kids but for everyone. You can enter the amusement park directly from Dyrehaven, and it's like stepping into another world. Entrance is free - enjoy!.

The Deer Park Bakken
Jacob Lisbygd, Visit Copenhagen

Explore More Royal Gardens and Parks

For additional day-trip ideas, consider exploring Fredensborg Palace, Frederiksborg Castle, and Kronborg Castle. While smaller than Dyrehaven, these sites feature spectacular royal monuments nestled within picturesque gardens and parks, offering a closer look at Denmark's royal heritage and the beauty of its natural landscapes. Each one offers something different. Watch the video about palaces and castle in and around Copenhagen for a quick comparative overview of the attractions.

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