Zoo in Copenhagen | Wild life in the heart of the city

Zoo in Copenhagen | Wild life in the heart of the city

Rebecca Aller
Rebecca Aller
February 8, 2024
Henrik Sørensen, Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen Zoo, with over 4,000 global animals, ranks as a top Danish attraction, offering a family-friendly journey across continents. Enjoy treats near chimps, ice cream by polar bears, and lunch with pandas for a unique experience from the tropics to the Arctic.

A Day at the Zoo

A visit to Copenhagen Zoo promises unforgettable moments for both kids and adults. Discover the rainforest, marvel at elephants and giraffes, and get hands-on in Europe's greatest Children's Zoo. With new facilities for polar bears, North Atlantic birds, and seals in "The Arctic Ring," and the pandas' home by Bjarke Ingels, there is something special to see every day, all year round.

Copenhagen Zoo, located in Frederiksberg, is surrounded by charming cafés and lush green spaces. Right by the Zoo's main entrance, you will find Frederiksberg Palace, set within the serene green park, Frederiksberg Garden, - a visit here is highly recommended.

Zoo Copenhagen
Note: In this picture, you see the elephants at the zoo, but the people on the other side of the fence are actually in Frederiksberg Garden looking in. This is a window into the Zoo from Frederiksberg Garden - free of charge.

A Family Adventure

Copenhagen Zoo is an enchanting world where more than 4,000 animals from across the globe come to life, making it one of Denmark's top family attractions. From the sleek leopards and majestic tigers to adorable dwarf goats, towering giraffes, and the massive elephants and rhinos, there’s a fascinating creature for every animal lover.

Zoo in Copenhagen
Viggo Lundberg, Visit Copenhagen

What to See and Do

This zoo is not just about seeing animals; it is about experiencing them up close. Listen to zookeepers share intriguing animal facts, venture into an indoor rainforest, and even get a chance to pat the camels. Whether you're an adult or a child, the zoo offers an array of activities that promise a day full of discovery and fun.

DID YOU KNOW THAT …you can dive underwater with the hippos, come eye-to-eye with the giraffes, and walk in the footsteps of the elephants in some of the ZOO's many animal houses and stables?
Zoo Copenhagen

Wild Experiences

Visit the animal houses in the Garden, where you can experience many fascinating animals up close. Explore the ZOO's animal houses and stables:

The Arctic Ring: Experience the polar bears up close and become even wiser about these large animals.

Ape Jungle: Hang out with humans' closest relatives, the chimpanzees.

Giraffe House: Enjoy the sight of the world's tallest animals - up close.

Hippopotamus House: Dive underwater with the animal with the enormous yawn.

Rhinoceros Stable: Visit the endangered rhinos and their small neighbors.

Primate House: Meet everything from golden lion tamarins and baboons to radiated tortoises and iguanas.

Elephant House: Visit the gray giants and follow in their footsteps in the exciting exhibition about elephants.

For the little adventurers, The Children’s Zoo welcomes you to meet Danish farm animals and African dwarf goats. Witness pony or pig agility shows, or join the zookeepers on a llama tour. The zoo is dotted with various playgrounds, like the "Zoofari" where kids can embark on a mini-safari or engage in imaginative play with water "hippos," toy kangaroos, and wooden wombats.

Educational Fun

The "Zoolab" is perfect for creative minds, offering activities from drawing to casting plaster. It is located next to the tigers.

And for those who dream of transformation, the make-up theater turns visitors into pirates, butterflies, or tigers with a stroke of a brush.

A Rich History

Founded in 1859, Copenhagen Zoo stands as one of Europe's oldest zoos, evolving from a small collection to a modern sanctuary known for its commitment to animal conservation and education. The zoo's dedication to providing a natural habitat for its residents ensures a visit here is not just entertaining but also enlightening.

Plan Your Visit

Before heading to the Zoo, check out the day's activities on their website. Remember, Copenhagen Zoo is a world of discovery, open 365 days a year, ensuring that your visit is filled with excitement and learning opportunities. Whether it's getting a close-up view of bathing elephants or petting pygmy goats, a day at the Copenhagen Zoo is a day well spent in the heart of Denmark's capital.

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