Round Tower

Round Tower

Mathias Mølgaard
Mathias Mølgaard
May 24, 2024

Distinguished visitor to Copenhagen, are you the kind of traveler who loves to dig deep into the history of a place? Do you savor the intricacies of stories firmly rooted in times past? If so, let us guide you through a journey— one that's a fusion of robust history, a touch of astronomy, and the charming narrative of Copenhagen's iconic Round Tower.

What is the History Behind The Round Tower?

Picture this: the year is 1642 and the city of Copenhagen is about to embark on a momentous feat — the construction of the Round Tower (Rundetaarn). The Round Tower’s history is a fascinating tale, intrinsically linked with the endeavors of King Christian IV. Known for his ambitious building projects, King Christian IV envisaged something extraordinary—a structure that would serve a dual purpose: an astronomical observatory and a church library.

The tower's design was the brainchild of Hans Steenwinckel the Younger, a renowned architect of the time. Interestingly, Steenwinckel’s design of the tower was well ahead of its time. With its cylindrical stone, the Round Tower departed from the traditional stepped gable designs seen in Danish buildings of the era.

The Round Tower is not only a testament to Copenhagen's rich architectural history but also Europe's oldest functioning observatory! Yep, you read it right! The oldest observatory in Copenhagen is none other than the Round Tower.

What Was the Purpose of The Round Tower?

The Round Tower was meant to be more than just a distinctive figure in the Copenhagen skyline. Its creation was a sign of progress, of knowledge, and of the ambitions of a nation standing tall in the face of the Renaissance period. The primary purpose of the Round Tower was to house the University of Copenhagen's astronomical observatory.

On top of that, the Round Tower served as a library of the Trinitatis Church, providing a serene and intellectual home for religious texts. Interestingly, it also featured an original equestrian staircase, allowing scholars to ride up, all the way to the library, on horseback!

When Was The Round Tower Built?

The ground-breaking ceremony took place in 1637 under the reign of King Christian IV. The construction took a hefty five years to complete due to the ambitious design and complexity. Therefore, it wasn't until July 7, 1642, that the magnificent Round Tower was ready to fulfill its destiny.

Who Built The Round Tower in Copenhagen?

The Round Tower's inception came from the imaginative mind of the Danish King Christian IV. However, the one who actually brought this incredible vision to life was Hans Steenwinckel the Younger. Steenwinckel, a Danish royal architect, remarkably turned the king's grandiose visions into a beautiful reality. His expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship resulted in what we now know as the well-loved Round Tower.

Teeming with intriguing history and spectacular vistas from its observation deck, the iconic Round Tower undoubtedly remains one of Copenhagen’s top sights. For a visitor like you, an explorer at heart, it's one of those must-see Copenhagen attractions!

Ready for More Discoveries in Copenhagen?

Your exploration of the city should not be confined to a single stop. With the wealth of history and culture that Copenhagen has to offer, allow we at StoryHunt to be your reliable partner in this journey. If the Round Tower piqued your interest, then you are going to find these next few treasures equally enchanting:

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  2. The Christiansborg Palace: Step onto these monumental grounds to witness the Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and Ministry of State in operation.
  3. King's Garden: Take a stroll through Denmark’s rich heritage and history while enjoying a coffee or beer – yes you can drink alcohol in the park.

So why wait? Download the StoryHunt app to immerse yourself in the curated narratives of these spellbinding places that stretch far beyond typical tourist sightseeing. With our self-guided audio walks, you're sure to have a memorable and rewarding adventure on your next visit to Copenhagen.

Happy StoryHunting!

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