Nyhavn | The Colourful Buildings in Copenhagen

Nyhavn | The Colourful Buildings in Copenhagen

Mathias Mølgaard
Mathias Mølgaard
May 31, 2024

Hello adventurous souls! If you are planning your maiden voyage or are revisiting the enchanting Cinderella of cities, Copenhagen, there is one unforgettable spectacle you need to include in your itinerary: Nyhavn. The eternally vibrant harbour, fondly known as the longest outdoor bar and restaurant in Scandinavia, is a true embodiment of the city's spirit.

What is the story behind Nyhavn?

Let us flash back to the late 17th century. King Christian V, foreseeing the financial benefit of a new harbour, ordered the construction of Nyhavn. Often overshadowed by the charmingly coloured buildings of Copenhagen, Nyhavn’s gritty history is a feature of its undeniable appeal.

Known for its notorious reputation as a den of vice, the area was once teeming with sailors, ladies of the night, and rowdy alehouses. It was here that one of Denmark's literary gems, Hans Christian Andersen, penned some of his iconic tales.

What is Nyhavn known for?

Nyhavn anchor

Fast forward to the present day, Nyhavn is universally recognized for its stunningly colourful façades and historic tall ships moored along the canals. It's a place where art, history, and culture blend effortlessly with quaint cafés, exquisite dining spots, and cosy bars.

What's more, the houses lining the quayside tell their own stories. Among them Number 20, where Andersen lived and wrote, is sure to capture the imagination of any literary or history enthusiast.

How old are the houses in Nyhavn?

The oldest house in Nyhavn, at no. 9, has remained virtually untouched since its erection in 1681! With over 300 years beneath its belt, it’s a silent spectator of the area’s transformation - a mélange of stories hidden within its archaic walls.

Is Nyhavn worth visiting?

People in Nyhavn

It’s an unequivocal, resounding YES! Visiting Nyhavn is akin to time-travelling, a step into a bygone era while basking in the vibrancy of a modern city. When it comes to Must see Copenhagen spots, Nyhavn is unquestionably on the list!

How do you get to Nyhavn?

Easily accessible, Nyhavn is just a stroll away from the metro station at Kongens Nytorv. If you prefer sailing, regular canal tours also dock at Nyhavn. Needless to say, with the StoryHunt app, our self-guided walks will make your trip mere child’s play!

What to do in Nyhavn?

Among the top sights of Copenhagen and Copenhagen attractions, you might want to start your Nyhavn day out by capturing the picture-perfect view, savour a delicious Smørrebrød at one of the charming cafés, revel in a waterside drink, or just people-watch.

Don't forget to immerse yourself in the enchanting history packed behind each colourful door, each with a fresh story to tell. Remember those self-guided walks we mentioned? Well, the StoryHunt app helps you unravel those anecdotes at your own pace and comfort.

Learn more with StoryHunt

People waving at boat in Nyhavn

So travellers, ready to leave the beaten path and dive into a world of stories hidden in plain sight? Your next Danish escapade awaits with StoryHunt! From uncovering the tales of the rambunctious past of Nyhavn to exploring iconic Copenhagen attractions, make every step count on your journey.

And the journey doesn’t have to stop here. Dive deeper into historic Copenhagen by exploring Rosenborg Castle, Christiania, and the fascinating Amalienborg Palace. Just put on your headphones, fire up the StoryHunt app, and let us lead the way!

Ready to journey with us? We’re just a tap away! Download the StoryHunt app now and embark on an exploration that goes beyond sightseeing. Adventure calls!

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Learn more about Nyhavn and Copenhagen on this guided tour in Inner Copenhagen.

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Discover Copenhagen

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Stroll through the center of lovely Copenhagen and discover its greatest sights.

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Learn more with a self-guided tour...

Discover Copenhagen

Learn more with a self-guided tour

Learn more about Nyhavn and Copenhagen on this guided tour in Inner Copenhagen.


Discover Copenhagen

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Stroll through the center of lovely Copenhagen and discover its greatest sights.


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